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Scout for startups & SME’s through accelerator, innovation hubs & tech ecosystem partnerships

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Rigorous due diligence and admission into nest accelerator for investor readiness & capital injection

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Board & advisory oversight. Submission of portfolio to CMA for approval. Prepare startup for community raise

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Upload profile to nest crowdfund. Capture product, tech, teams, corporate governance, certifications & IP, financials &roadmpa

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When minimum threshhol is met , capital release begins in line with capital needs. Nest partners oversight and support company growth needs while protecting investor money

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Seed Africa‘s most ambitious Founders

Nest is where global investors, tech evangelists and fund managers makes big audacious bets on the future.

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SISCOM- Edge of cloud

Invest in the startup that is transforming future of distributed on demand cloud.

GeneX- Gene editing

geneX is disrupting health and life sciences through proprietary genomics technology.

Habapay- Fintech

Habapay is opening up more tunnels for remittances into Kenya, by enabling underserved Kenyans working in the middle east to send money home, paybills and invest.

Help bring Smart gadgets AI & Analytics in the realtime world of sports and fitness at home, on the go and wellness centers.

Healthify- Fitness Science


Izzypay is accelerating access to smartphones, digital & financila inclusion & access to credit to rural kenya through a BNPL Techstack

$ 25700 raised 78%

Izzypay- BNPL


Mkash is a Kenyan company regulated by the CBK that provides unsecured zero interest salary advances to the underserved workers in informal service based sectors like Security, hospitality and commercial farms

$ 557000 raised 288%

Pax Device Assembly

Pax is promoting local jobs and opportunity through a device assembly plant. Aiming to work smartphone manufactures

$ 5700 raised 15%

Help bring agriculture intelligence backed by Big Data, AI & Robotics to commercial farms across Africa.

FARMERCE- Agri-Intelligence

$ 85700 raised 85%

Our Realty Opportunities

Modern Univercity Student Apartment Accomodation



Invest in disruptive real estate from as low as $1000, enjoy guarnteed return on investment for over 10 years

Young African American Woman Working in Data Center


siscom Data center & cloud

Did you know, a data center runs a typical rent/lease real estate model. Invest in the future of real estate with SISCOM Data center phase 2

Happy African female entrepreneur at work


Nested cowork spaces

Invest in disruptive real estate models of the future with the Nested coworking spaces,m Phase 1 , 2 and 3

Own a piece of the future of work

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Back founders in these HOT SECTORS

Explore hundreds of vetted, nested startups & founders doing disruptive and innovative work in sectors that you relate with and have huge impact on humanity


Health & Life Sciences

Infrastrcuture & Cloud

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Explore more HOT SECTORS we invest in

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Now You can INVEST IN STARTUPS from as low as $100

Now you have the chance to invest in startups early. Own a financial stake in the next big thing.

Invest in 4 simple steps


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Review hundreds of investment opportunities, from Startups, SME’s to diversified portfolio .



Submit your payment and own a financial stake in a Startup or SME’s.


Hold, Get Nested

Nesters will put in the work, the more they do, they more they multiply your portfolio

Turbo charge your RAISE in 5 simple step[s, with you every step of the way!

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Nest for Founders

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Become a nester- early stage

For early stage apply to our nester accelerator program and get started with your Fundraise Journeny


Raise Capital Directly

We know how challenging, time-consuming and expensive fundraising can be. We’ve got the team, expertise, products and legal structure in place. You can be sure the time that you’re committing will be put to good use.

What you get in NESTERS Accelerator

  • Access investor readiness only accelerator
  • Access a pool of tech, product, legal, finance, Data & fundraising experts
  • Documentation and paperwork
  • Financial modelling, statements and business case
  • pitch deck preparation and investor teasers
  • Get your Dataroom ready and cross-check all items for raising
  • Group and one-on-one mentorship from industry experts, investors and successful founders
  • Join a network of founders

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What we do to get you RAISING

  • Dedicated Investment Associate
  • Tailored campaign strategy & marketing advice
  • Introductions to institutional investors
  • Investment analytics dashboard
  • Escrow account to hold the funds until completion
  • Legal documentation tailored to your business
  • Unique NEST post Raise: Dealroom, Growth Hacking & Secondary Market - Ventures Debt , VC & PE

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We Know the Crowdfunding & startup grwoth hacking Better Than Anyone

The team at NEST has a combined experience of 20 years in building startups, Growth, Mergers and Acquisitions, Finance & Risk and most importantly crowdfunding. Our founder & CEO Derrick Gakuu, ran an investment based crowdfunding platform for 3 years, and is working as PM for Paytm backed #Payless Africa that has successfully raised $2 million +

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Building Blocks


On a mission to bridge the gap between Idea - Early stage - Scale and unicorns

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